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by Marie

This was my first show of the 360 tour, and probably the worst U2 concert I've ever been too.

Let's start with the good. The GA line was great. Nice people, orderly. All that you want a GA line to be. The band - they seemed to have a great time. Smiling Larry, Bono teasing Edge. Edge laughing back at him. Bono kissing a sparkling Adam. Bono chatting with the people in the condos around the stadium - asking them to blink their lights - and they did! And I really think the first part of the show, opening with 4 new songs, rocked. It was amazing! The bravest, edgiest thing they did all night.

The bad. The inner circle/ellipse/heat. I haven't been to a show in Europe or South America - so my GA experience is limited to the last two North America tours, but I have never, ever, been in a more crowded floor. And I was two people from the stage when Springsteen was brought on in Philadelphia (in 1987 and 2005). You couldn't move. Which was unfortunate, because the guy in front of me decided to pee during Breathe. Then he decided the GA was a mosh pit. By the time some girl got him to calm down and stop hitting the people around him, the show was half over.

Now, it could be because this was my worst GA experience ever, but it felt like the band phoned this one in. I've never been to a safer show. Have I seen them too many times? The set list didn't click, the show wasn't grand - there was no elevation, no lift off. The GA hardly moved (maybe because you couldn't) but they also didn't jump up and down or even raise their arms. And any show that has Walk On, and Edge isn't given a chance to rock out on his solo, is a bad show. Same with Mysterious Ways.

Also, what is the point of the Claw if they are only going to use the lights and screens to their full effect during Unforgettable Fire?

I get to see them again at Giant's Stadium. I'm hoping the crowd is better and U2 shows up.

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