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by Kim

Well....3 days before the show came to town, I was listening to all their music in chronological order 24/7!! I was SO PUMPED for the show, that I could hardly wait.

This is my 6th time seeing them and they never disappoint!! Every concert gets bigger and better than the last! The spiritual connection that I feel makes it so worth while for anyone to enjoy!

The atmosphere and stage setup was absoulutley the BEST EVER!! How can they top that one!! 27 meters tall - (82ft) No matter where you were sitting you could see everything.

Bono was in tiptop form and he held the crowd through 2.5 hours of pure entertainment. The best was when that little guy got to join him on stage for City of Blinding Lights!! He asked the people in the condo buildings next to the dome to flicker their lights off and on if they were listening. All 3 buildings participated!! The CN Tower's lights were also in tune with every beat from the show.....

Bono-Just keep throwing your arms around the world!! It gets me EVERYTIME!!

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