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by Emily

U2 is my favourite band, so needless to say, I was ecstatic to end up with seats, and even though I knew they were not the best, I was thrilled to get to see them in concert. I had tickets in section 503, which was facing almost directly (and a little behind) the left side of the stage. I knew it was going to be high up, but with the 360 stage I thought it would still be great.

When I arrived at the Rogers Centre with my two friends, we found our seats and as we sat down, we realized the view we would have for the show. All we could see was the green arm of the claw. It blocked most of the stage from view. We couldnt see the drum kit or see the left bridge to the outer stage. This was extremely disappointing. We paid just over $100 for our tickets and this was our view... to look at a green arm for the night!! That was not right. I talked to a few other people around us and everyone was extremely unhappy.

The concert was promoted as being 360 degrees. Everyone would be able to see the band and have a great time. Well, this is not the case. Four sections of the arena would not have been able to see the band. Bono walked around thankfully, but The Edge rarely came over to our side and overall, the concert was clearly meant for those who were facing the front of the stage. The idea of a 360 concert is a great one; in reality it did not happen, leaving fans that paid good money to see U2 live very disappointed.

The Rogers Centre and Ticketmaster should have been advised of the problem with the stage and not have sold tickets to these blind spots. At the very least, these seats should have been sold for a much lower price. I am a student and do not have a lot of extra money. I actually went into debt to attend this concert and was extremely frustrated and disappointed with my seats. I know other people who had floor tickets who paid less than I did. They had a much better view than we did in the 503 section.

For fans that have paid a lot of money and have looked forward to the concert for months and then show up to find out they have a horrible view is extremely unacceptable and disheartening.

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