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by C-ritch

Overall the show was amazing. I felt the show got better and better as it went along though. When the show first started, I was kind of disappointed with the stage itself after hearing so much about it. It didn't seem to have any purpose other than just being 'large'. But then halfway through it started doing all these cool things and I finally appreciated what they were trying to do.

We had GA floors, dead centre about 30 yards from the front, and got there after Snow Patrol went off. Perfect view. I don't understand why people lined up for hours to get into the inner cirlce. Sure you're a bit closer to the band, but you didn't see the screen, which was a spectacle in itself, and you had to keep turning around when the Bono, Edge and Adam ventured off onto the outer circle in front of the stage. I hope you liked their backs.

Set list was very good, although I wished they had played Bad and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own instead of some of their other marginal hits. Never understood why Elevation was a hit. Terrible.

This might be their last stadium tour, so I'm sure glad I got to potentially see their last stadium Toronto show. And to be where I was for $57 GAs, all I can say is that was a steal! Feel sorry for the people that dished out $250 for actual seats. Live and learn.

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