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by aeolian

was also at the portland show... in the heart - right against the stage 1st row center. i've been listening to the band for nigh-on-15 yrs and what was so extraordinary about this show was the GENEROSITY of the band. difficult to articulate - in some ways it felt like they've discarded non-essentials and what remains is a very simple relationship of singer <--> song <--> listener, etc... meaning than in some ways it felt like EVERYONE THERE helped to put on the show. from beginning to end, feeling how the show was crafted and staged and planned... it was clear that this band has reached a level of mastery... a mastery of the art of generosity creating something that thousands of people will remember for the rest of their lives.

they neither preached with heavy hands nor oversaturated everything with ironic rock-n-roll-isms. they did just a little of both, merging the two in the SONG... letting the songs speak for themselves... creating a middle spot, which is where, i suppose hearts and songs thrive.

the show was simply an unforgettable gift... from the thrust of 'elevation' to the haunt/hunt of 'ground beneath her feet' to the joey-dirge of 'one' to bono's screamed thank you's to The Almighty in the end. gratitude.generosity.gift.elevation.

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