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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Brian

I remember a story from 1980,where a member of the band The Alarm saw U2 at a small London, UK club (possibly The Hope & Anchor),and said to his friends that U2 would make it big! Sunday's Portland show, once again made me think that U2 deserved to make it big. After they walked onstage, it took me four songs to catch my breath. "Until the End of the World" was the apex of an adrenaline rush that "The Electric Co." provided in years gone by. I've always been fascinated by the set lists these guys put together, do they arm wrestle to see whose favorites make the cut? Songs from the new album had an extra bite live, and the band brought back "Bad", the plugged-in, in your face version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "The Fly" in a new key. The artistry of All That You Can't Leave Behind is mixed with the raw energy they had on the War Tour. (Yes, the Edge played "I Will Follow" a million miles an hour on the Gibson Explorer). U2 fans are loyal because the band never disappoints us. Is it because Edge's guitar throws us into a frenzy? Is it Bono's charisma and sense of humour? Or Larry and Adam's unyielding charge? Because we can never decide, we keep going to the shows. Does anyone have a spare ticket for Madison Square Garden?

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