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by David Garvin

Why I'm deciding to write this review six years on is anyones guess, maybe it's just boredom? But the story goes, a group of friends and I got back off holiday from Ibiza the day before and were literally ready to carry on the party. We got home to North Wales the night before, had some sleep then got up to travel to Leeds, we arrived in time only to be queing for 4 hours with only the tip of the yellow arch peering through a cluster of trees in the distance as our guide to the stage. Anyway, once in we huddled to the right of the b stage knowing full well this is where the lemon will park itself later and where the band will perform the encore. The show was amazing and a bit of a blur being my first U2 show and all so I was over exciteed, but really I don't remeber much as it flied by other than it raining before hand. The stand out tracks really were Mofo,All I Want Is You, Please, Streets and the whole lemon encore. When Rain finished as the last song, the roadies climed on set to begin the deconstruction of the set, feelings of I want more and can we book Dublin Popmart, no it's sold out we were told, what about Endiburgh, do really want to travel to Scotland? With Ibiza clubbing still fresh in our mind and sun tan cream on our skin and lack of sleep we opted sensibly to go home and rest, but what a week to end all weeks! Well and truly Popmartyred!

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