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by Karen

I along with a few other U2 faithfuls flew to Dublin from different parts of the U.S. to catch the Irish shows. This one in particular was very special to me. I was a few feet away from the cat walk when Bono was singing the acoustic set as well as other classic songs such as Bad. I was overcome with emotion when he sang the lyrics to Bad and held out his arms to the crowd as if he was trying to throw his arms around the world (no pun intended). I am an African American woman and at first I felt a bit self-consicous about being there-being the "other" but as U2 began to sing I soon realized that in the House of U2 all are welcomed and One. If church was as uplifting as a U2 concert I would go everyday-not just Sunday. I have seen many U2 concerts and will see many more but I will always remember my Dublin experience as truly the best.

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