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by Marcio Aurelio

A dream that came true!!

As a fan since 1983 (back then I was 14) still in my native Brazil, I always dreamed of seeing the Irish Boys from the first row! Well, now in America, there comes U2 again. April 25th, 1997, a dream is about to come true!

Everything was like a real dream to me! The Arch, the sounds of the crowd, the lights and the most important: "My seat location". Well, I ask myself: Is there a better time to make this happen?? Off course not! FIRST ROW was my choice and so I did!

So, this is my experience from the best seat in the house during the Vegas show: "No words can tell you how it was!" I was almost not believing on what I was seeing and hearing. Because I got a front row ticket I took care of a letter to the band, in case one of them would make eye contact with me! The letter was in my pocket, the concert going on beautifully but still no eye contact. By the way, Adam Clayton is so into his playing that during the two hours of show, that it seems that he forgot that fans were there. More than 20 songs already played, I still had the letter. "Mysterious Ways" came up and I was happy cause I love that song! By then I confess that I almost forgot the letter myself. Bono starts to walk in front of us and suddenly stops in front of me, singing "It's all right...."

Real quick I got the letter and try to give to him. He extended his right hand but could not reach, so he made a sign asking me to throw the letter at him. So I did. He gets the letter, placed on his belt (if that's what it is) and finished the song. It was so incredible!! High-fives coming from all around me (other fans) and the same question 7 times: "What did you write?" It was great, now I am fully realized and the money I paid for that ticket on section 4, row 1, ough 3, was nothing comparing with the huge value of that unforgettable experience!

I am still going to see U2 in Columbus and Chicago, not on the front row anymore, but it does not matter, my dream is realized!

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