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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jeff Griffith

Fans, this show rocked San Diego like it has never been rocked before. I was a bit surprised to see such a plain stage set up before the show started, but now looking back at the show, that's what made this show spectacular. Bono looked as if he truly loved San Diego more than any place on earth. I have attended close to 500-600 shows and i'm only 32, this was in the top three of all time. The entire band looked and performed like they were 25, with more energy than I have ever witnessed. I was the second person to get a band in the heart, and well worth the wait. Two feet away, Bono reached into the heart and grabbed a girls video camera and then started sucking on her fingers, the electricity was nuts. The San Diego fans truly are the best! Everyone in the entire Arena was one big happy family with tons of love for one another, Bono and the band brought everyone together. I had a crew of 8 that rocked til 3pm still speechless as to what they witnessed. The Critics that continue to write things like, "They didn't play any of these songs or those songs", give it up, these guys tore the roof off of the Sports Arena,Stay away critics, you don't deserve to see a show like "ELEVATION", stay home and yell at the mirror, 24 songs, now top that! There's always someone in the group that isn't Satisfied. There were nearly 20 thousand people in this place that witnessed a show of a lifetime!!
R.I.P. JOEY! The Staff Pro Security just let everyone enjoy themselves and there were absolutely no problems! Just amazing Vibe in SD on 4/17/2001. The 3 sisters in front, hats off to you. The Heart Candle just keeps on Burning!!!! Way to go Irish!! You did it again!

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