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by Loretta G.

I am Quite aware that I am Late in posting my Review of the San Diego Arena, U2 Concert on April 17, 2001. I was there and arrived early, having a General Admission Ticket. Saddly, I would going to the Concert All Alone because I was only able to get one GA ticket at the ticket Booth. I had gone to the Jack Murphy Stadium event in 1997. I arrived at the Arena a little after 2:00PM, the Line was clear around already. Making quick friends with a Couple of UCLA Students,
(There were sure alot of Los Angeles People at this Event) they saved my position as I needed to Run across the Street to use the Facilities. Having a Couple Beers made the wait bearable. At around 6PM We were allowed in. All GA ticket Holders were running like there was NO tommorrow for a Position either in the Heart or one around it. It was a long run because nobody knew where to go, by the time I arrived near the Stage, there was no more admittance to the Inside, so I headed to the Tip Outside and Stood in that Position for over 3 Hours, PJ opened about 7:30 PM , I wasn't particulary her biggest Fan, But some people with Inside information told me that Bono would be spending alot of time right in front of us, at the Tip. They were right! Well, It was a Great Event alittle Like a Dream.

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