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by Jake L

I am a huge U2 fan and have the greatest respect for their music and live ability. I have always wanted to see the band in concert but since I started liking the band right after they passed Oakland on the Popmart tour I never had the chance to see them. That all changed April 19th and I am still in awe. My 17 year old soul has never seen such sites. What a spectacle the elevation tour is. I already thought they were the best live act going from watching the zoo tv and popmart home videos, but now i see they are more than a live act, they are GODS. Bono is my favorite singer already and my love for his voice grew after hearing how high he was able to get on songs such as Gone and In A Little While. His dance are simply incredible for a short, pasty Irishman. His stage prescence is awesome, especially when he ran laps in full sprint around the heart during Where The Streets Have No Name. Being on the floor is amazing. Wow!

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