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by Caitlin

Oh Glory, Oh Holy Wonder! Those who were fortunate enough to see U2 at last nights show in San Jose witnessed nothing short of a miracle, nothing short of the divine. The boys really did it this time! From the ecstatic opening chords of "Elevation" (played with the house lights still shining bright on all the audience), to the sweet, swirling notes of "Kyte" (played live for the first time ever!), to the epic, elated thunder cry of "Where The Streets Have No Name", and finally to the trancendent hymn of "Walk On", this show was truly legendary! The Edges airy guitar sound danced circles around the stadium, creating soaring, bright notes so tender they brought tears to my eyes. Adam kept his sexy, earthen grooves up to speed with Larry's marching backbone beats (or is it the other way around?). And Bono the Great was just that. Utterly himself, yet taken by a spirit from beyond, his voice spilling forth all the triumph and trajedy and deep, deep soul of humanity. Ah, to know such heights! U2 has again transcended the false and the mundane with such faith and power and conviction that we, the fans and the believers, are left with nothing to do but dance right along with them and sing "Hallelujah" to the world. What a show!

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