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by Chad

Front center in the heart!
I also just got back from the Phoenix show and I can tell you that San Jose was special and unique. The uncontrolled stampede to the heart in Phoenix left many that waited all day out of the heart and there was a certain ill vibe in the arena. San Jose on Friday was perfect. I have been to the last couple tours and a fan of the band for more than 15 years but I was not prepared for how this show effected me. The pure emotion was overwhelming. The screems when KITE was announced were deafining.
Many great reviews here so all I will add is that during the performance of ONE, Bono cried. You could see his eyes well up, his nose redened and then the tears fell. He sang true and didn't falter one note.. wiped his face and walked on.
This concert affected me on a spiritual level. U2 is more than a band. U2 is a complex feeling and desire with a will to teach. Thanks to all the fans at the show that made it just that much better.
Stay True.

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