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by abhijay

Hey I'm actually posting this review during the third leg of the tour having just seen the boys in Oakland (11/15) and in LA (11/19). While these last two shows - especially the LA one - were fantastic, they reminded me of how utterly amazing the 4/20/01 San Jose show was. That show just had more of everything - energy, Bono's ability to hit high notes, spontaneity, set list. Easily the best concert I've ever seen mostly because it played into the concertgoer fantasy of being in a crowd so overwhelming you actually change the nature of the show to the point where the band is actually impressed and affected. Well, that's what happened on 4/20. The acoustic set was a huge singalong unlike any I've ever heard, Stay was particularly wonderful as was All I Want Is You.

I too read how Bono said this was the best show, and I also saw with my own eyes his silent exclamation to himself ("Wow") early in the show when the crowd roared back at him.

Take it from someone who has seen them live many times, while each tour offers something different, the 4/20 show will go down as one of the greatest shows ever.

Now when are we going to see some bootleg copies?

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