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by Denis

I travelled from Glasgow in Scotland to see both Milan shows and it was worth it, I had a wonderful time at both shows.
The first show I was on the pitch and met some very nice people. :o)
I can't speak Italian and came across other English speaking fans who went wild like me. :o)
Ballons were thrown into the crowd before the music began. I never knew balloons could make you so happy. LOL.
The show was a wonderful.
Because I was in the pitch it felt like in a party.

The second show I was in a seat on the first level in the stand at Edge's side and it was a different experience and just as fantastic as it was more of a sonic/visual show than the first.
I could see more and I went wild singing and dancing. lol WOW.
I could not have went any more wild if I tried.
Travelling from Glasgow, I was not going all that way and stand and tap my toe. :O)
I will NEVER forget my visit to Milan and the U2 shows.

One thing I did was not to take my camera as there seems no point because the internet has loads of pics and vids on it so it. Seems a waste of valuable gig time taking pics/video when you got U2 playing live in front of you.

I am also going to London 1st show, Glasgow (with my 9 year old nephew), Sheffield and Cardiff. I am really looking forward to them, I am gonna sing my heart out.

Thank you to the folks I met at the shows, and
everyone who was involved in the shows no matter
who you are. :o)

PS. I damaged my voice. It took 5 days to get better. lol. FANTASTIC. :o)

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