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by Coco Masha Sip Malaka Roti

I came all the way from Casablanca to see the show. I took a boat from Gibraltar, cruised through Spain, and arrived via bus in Milan. Casablanca has been recently introduced to U2. We see many pictures of Bono as words of his cancel the debt campaign are reaching our country. People from Morroco generally support his endeavors, but Morroco has grown quite fond of U2 as musicians.

U2 did not disappoint this fine evening. As Vertigo made every bone in my body erupt, Sometimes bought my bones back together. The harmonious spirit generated by these four musicians resonates. They broke my bones again with Love and Peace or Else. Larry and Bono shared either side of the ellipse. Bono was tempted to crowd surf, but thought better of it as he went the safe way to finish playing the drums. Larry went running back to the drums to finish the rest of the song and Bono looked liked a schizo Irish man pounding the drums. He then joined Larry for a blistering drum embellishment of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Milan was now in total chaos. I still feel the bruises as I reflect on U2.

Miss Sarajevo took me to another place. I did not think Bono had the guts to perform the opera part of the song, but I was wrong. He belted out notes I had no idea he had in him. The Italians threw accolades his way as his Italiation diction could have been confused with a native son (I am good at the pun thing).

Tehcnology utilized for this show was excellent. I look forward to learning more about the technical details of this tour.

The lights came on to a distant scatter of boos. When the Italians reflect on this show, they will realize that they were part of history and they can use U2 to change it.

Poverty, be gone. Time to ride the U2 zoo.

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