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by poison

What can I say , second night in Milan was better then the first night , the guys were in better mood, they seemed to be more relaxed, less aware of cameras. I was up in tribune, and now I know I' m not a tribune type, for me the best place for concerts is G. A. or on Italian - prato, the closer to the stage - the better. But it's O.K. to be up there sometimes, 'cause you have a different prospective, you can concentrate on some other things like that great light curtains, which I just can't look when I'm down there close to the stage, my eyes just follow the guys everywhere they go. Again Italian crowd is amazing, probably the best in the world, I felt how tribunes quaked when we were all jumping.

Bono was in good mood, the guys probably snubbed him because of his behavior the night before (he was pissed off), and he was trying to please the crowd , and I have to say he did a good job. The set list was the same as the first night, because of shooting, but that's fine with me. This time Sometimes hit me even more than past 3 times, again very emotional, and Bono didn't take his glasses of. Another great version of All I want, lucky girl who danced with Bono for about 2 minutes, Edges solo at the end of the song amazing, and the best version of One - with my favorite snippet - hear me coming... (the Pop Mart version). I was singing that the night before maybe Bono heard me, or I have some special connection with him ( I'm just kidding). Miss Sarajevo was great, Bono sang opera again, and listening to him hitting that high notes was incredible. I like Running to stand still much more then Miss Sarajevo, but after that great performance I must say that it deserved to be on the set list.

Great show, I can just praise them, they are the best in every way.

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