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by Noodles

Despite being my 47th U2 show since 1985, there were a few firsts last night.

The whole upper rear section was blocked off because they didn't sell the tickets. Never been to a non sell out.

I was row 15 center stage (got the tix after TM marked them down) - perfect view, but the fans didn't even stand up when U2 came out, not until Beautiful Day. I've never been at a U2 show where the crowd wasn't standing the whole time.

I always prefer the songs where U2 just play their hearts out with no Vegas show - I Will Follow and Gloria.

The news songs mostly fell flat to most of the crowd.

The band was working hard and trying, and of course there were many magical moments, if not whole songs.

I love U2 and was happy to be there, for old times sake. But the mood was lacking something. Blame the songs, blame the fans, I am not sure.

On Monday I was on the floor with GA and the energy was better...

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