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by Paul

WOW! What a great show!
One man next to me said this was better than Slane Castle and I think he's f***ing right. I never saw such a beautiful performance by a band or a crowd that big going crazy song after song. I stood right in front of the stage and sometimes I could hear the crowd singing louder than the band playing. This was truly awesome!

Highlight of the show: Streets! Wheter they have the blending effect at the beginning or not I had tears running down my face. This song live is an incredible experience to make.

Party Girl also had the arena going crazy with Bono totally forgetting the lyrics and betting edge to sing.

Vertigo as a closer... hmm.... It was a pity that I was too exhaustet to enjoy the song. I would have preferred to hear something slower but it still is a great song with all the lights on.

The bottom line is: U2 are still the greatest live-band on earth and everybody should have seen them at least once.

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