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by Reinhard

Journey of the quallity moves on!

Gelsenkirchen 12.06.05 my second show in Europe, i arrived at 10 am at the Arena a bit later than in Brussels. In compare to that in Gelsenkirchen were about double more people than in Brussles at the same time.

Doors opened at 15.45 pm a bit later than it was planed. This time i had no seats this time i went to the left B-Stage first row excelent view on the Stage.

1. Act the Thrills same good as in Brussles but played shorter. 2nd act Feeder, couldnt get on to it.
20.55 show time for VERTIGO TOUR, U2 moves on stage without Everyone intro and went straight into VERTIGO. Next was BEAUTIFUL DAY the first change to Brussles. Then a blast into THE CRY followed by an heavy engery version of THE ELECTRIC CO. incl. I CAN SEE FOR MILES.

The german crowd were way better than in Belgium the ARENA was hot! Now followed ELEVEATION followed by NEW YERS DAY wich was played different to Brussels, it was a normal version with bassline start(to remember in Brussles they started with an piano intro for it).

CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS next followed by MIRACALE DRUG this one missed out the dead beep in the end.
SOMETIMES YOU CAN MAKE IT...verry emotional version by Bono, he looked like going to cry.

Now a heavy version of LOVE PEACE OR ELSE....Adam Clayton in front of us on the left B-Stage looked verry pleased by the crowd and smiled a lot he took on the vibe, the crowd was still hot!


RUNNING TO STAND STILL same as in Brussles but this time the crowd took on in the end "still running".
Followed by an energy version of the Pride wich was going to take the roof of the arena. WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME magic moment in the Arena wich was still hot and wild. Now speech by Bono to the german Chanclor and thanking german people for supporting the ONE Campaign, followed by a good version of ONE.

Next magic moment ZOO TV returns to germany ZOO STATION still one of the highlits of the set. FLY next verry powerful followed by MYSTERIOUS WAYS incl. MY SWEET LORD.
Now 2nd change to Brussles WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, a good version of the song but without any snippet.

A blasting version as usual from ALL BECAUSE OF YOU opend the last part of the show. Followed by an smooth version of YAHWEH. Now Bono smiled on the Edge and said "ok because of the special location" an the Edge went into PARTY GIRL, Bono went to the Edge and said "you going to sing this" and The Edge sang "oh oh oh" because he was so surprised Bono continued with vocals, a really great version and my first full Band version of this song ever(last time heard in Stuttgart93).

VERTIGO again closed the show but without a snippet from "Stories for Boys", shame.

In total it was an excelent show by U2 the german crowd took on the got the vibe the spirit and lifted U2 through the show!

The show was way better than Brussles. Now im taking a short break from VERTIGO TOUR and will continue the journey in DUBLIN.

cheers to all

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