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by The Fly Guy

With this show being only the second on the new tour, you would expect a few things to go wrong, but I didn't realize they would be so noticeable.  Overall, the St. Louis show was very good.  The show start is amazing, "Love is All We Have Left", "The Blackout", and "Lights of Home" is just a great and fast way to start the show.  "Beautiful Day" is always great, and then we got a surprise with "New Year's Day".  Then came the iNNOCENCE portion of the set.  I appreciate U2 trying to vary the show a bit on the tour, but eliminating “Song for Someone” and “Raised By Wolves” that were played opening night, made it a rough transition from Sunday Bloody Sunday to Until the End of the World.  I now know they have fixed this in San Jose, by bringing back RBW, and now sounds much better.  After that shock, the show got back on track, and really took off with Elevation.  MacPhisto, was amazing, I never thought I would have the pleasure of seeing him in concert.  His speech was cool, but even cooler was going into Acrobat.  I, like many fans, have wished for this song to be played live and we finally have it!  It did not disappoint and hope it stays in e & i sets for the entire tour. Get Out of Your Own Way and American Soul were awesome together and the set was capped with COBL.  Then came one of my biggest complaints for the show which was the omission of Horses from the opening night.  I had a feeling it would get cut at some point, but wished it would stay in for at least this show.  I hope it comes back sooner rather than later.  The show ending was amazing overall, I love One, LIBTAIIW, and 13. 

Bono sounded great, as did Adam and Larry.  Edge sounded a little off but still good, and there were some technical issues with the screen, which didn't help the night.  Overall, anytime you get to see U2 it is a great music experience, and we are blessed to have them, especially so much over the last 3 years.

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