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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Matt Berg

It was heaven!

U2 started at the back of the Skydome and came in to the roar of the crowd, Bono doing his Rocky Balboa, except he was probably yelling "Alison! Alison!". Bono gets up on stage and starts rapping out one-liners. One particularly caught my attention, and I remembered it, "Vive le Canada! Vive le Canada! Vive L'Ontario! Vive Le BONO!!!"

From that, Mofo. Live, that song is amazing. Not stopping their energy, they go right into I Will Follow. The next songs, come, and go. Then they went into Pride and I went nuts. They played the song through and right at the end they cut out and the audiance sang the "Oh, oh-oh oh!" for about two minutes accapella before the band came back in for the intro to I Still Haven't Found.. Again, towards the end the audiance took over. It sure is moving to hear 50,000 + sing 'But I Still Haven't Found, What I'm Looking For'. All I Want Is You was great as was Staring At The Sun, but the gem came when Bono waved bye to leave Edge there alone on the B-stage. Sarajevo was in the back of my mind, and then Edge said (roughly) 'I'm gonna a play a song that we haven't played for a couple a years, but then we played down in Sarajevo, and we liked it so here it is' and right then, I knew...Sunday Bloody Sunday! Just to hear The Edge play that song and softly stroke those strings and sing those words, it made that song real once more. That topped my previous fav. preformance of SBS on Rattle & Hum, mostly becaouse I was there. When Please came, I just went bonkers. By now, it was apparent that the security's attempts to get all of us on the floor to stand on the floor as opposed to our chairs was futile. When Larry went into the beat for SBS, it just made my day. And of course no U2 concert would be complete without the bright lights of Streets.

Well when that ended, I knew they'd be back, we all did. It was really cool to see the Lemon "float" to the b-stage, open up, and have them come down, one by one to play Discotheque. For If You Wear That Velvet Dress, he brought up the girl for the night and embraced her and sang to her. With or Without You..nuf said. They said goodnight again, but again, we knew they'd be back. Images of Bono in the HMTMKMKM video appeared on the vidi-wall, and one by one, they came back, only to willing to answer the shouts for more. Mysterious Ways was great, and One moved us all. Our lighters were out, and Bono even put in some words from R.E.M's Everybody Hurts, before singing Unchained Melody.

With that it was complete. Program in hand, I went out into the rain, still having the songs in my head, and came home, to get ready to do it again tomorrow.

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