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by Tony Branchaud

What a great show!!!!! The Ultimate band was primed after having a good rest. They were flawless as was the vid wall. I had great seats too, section B3 on the floor. Same section I had when I saw them in Boston, July 1st.

As soon as U2 came out for the Boston show, every single person on the floor stood up on their seats for the entire 2 hours, so I was just a little disappointed in Toronto because people just wouldn't do it. Even Bono raised his arms in the air a couple of times as if to say " Get up ". And what was with security pointing their flashlights at people and telling them to get down. We weren't kids in a movie theater, we were here to rock and roll to the greatest band in the world. If everyone united and stood on their seats and stayed there, security wouldn't have been able to do a thing about it. Am I buggin ya, don't mean to bug ya, just that it really upset me.

All in all though I will always have the memory of seeing them live in concert implanted in my brain. All I can say is AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! I'd go see them again in a heartbeat. Any time, Any place.

My favorites were Hold Me, Thrill Me where they even flashed an image of Bono as Macphisto, Please in which Bono says "I want the people of Ireland to get up off their knees too ", Until the End of the World in which The Edge truly displays his guitar talent (Gotta love The Edge) and Mysterious Ways. Who needs drugs, to see U2 in concert is like a natural unexplainable high. The adrenaline was pumping.

Just a note to add about Pleeker's set list posting of Oct 26, the final song of the night was not Unchained Melody, they actually did a few verses of Wake Up Dead Man from the POP album as I was very suprised to hear it.

"Long live U2"

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