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by Will Thiessen

One word... magic.

That's the only way I can describe last nights show in Toronto. My very
first U2 show. The setlist was absolutely brilliant and Bono's voice
was in top form. We got there late as the traffic was very heavy, or
just plain slowed down to piss me off. Sometime around 7:30 we got off
the Spadina and found parking right away...20 bucks, what a rip-off! So
I socked my disposable camera and we started running for the Dome. It
started to rain, so I ran faster. As I am ran up Bluejay Way I passed
this drummer that was playing in the rain (keep this in mind for later).

So, we got to the Dome around 7:40 now and there were tons of people at
almost each gate. We had to run around all the way to gate 5 in the
rain. When we get in first they take our tickets, then do a pat down
around the jacket region, then they told me to open my bag. My camera
made it through! Next I went to the souvenirs. Only bought the lemon
and green t-shirt, and the program. 35 bucks a t-shirt! I've still got
to buy more :) I bought my snacks and we headed down for our seats
(section 116, row 1). I was really awkward trying to run down those
steps in the dark.

Anyway, Third Eye Blind are had a couple of songs left in their set. I
just heard the radio favorites (I think). All I remember about that is
that it was very loud. My Wire tag proved to be useless to me. In all
honesty I saw a total of about 3 people wearing tags. After that I went
up to the entrance of the section and felt quite stupid when someone
(sorry Aaron) didn't show up. When I got back 10 minutes later my
friend told me that he came just after I left.

Fast forward to about 8:45. The lights went out and our favorite music
started playing. Lights were flashing all over the place, and everyone
looked to the back of the stadium. I'm not sure if the screen
distracted me or what, cause when I looked back EDGE WAS LESS THAN 10
FEET AWAY FROM ME!!!! Hope the pic turns out ok. My friend also told
me that Larry passed by too, but I guess I didn't see him. My jawed
just kind of dropped, and I lost consciousness for a second. Everybody
got really excited (as they should). Then Bono came on stage, seemingly
from nowhere. Can anybody tell me where he came in?

I'll just say the differences in the setlist here:
No Miami, no kareoke, Sunday Bloody Sunday!, first verse of Wake Up Dead
Man and the end. That's about it.

So, he's up on stage doing his boxing shtick, and then I hear those
powerful words. Lookin' for to save my, save my soul!! Before the song
he said something like Viva Ontario!, Viva Toronto!, Viva Bono!. I Will
Follow was one that basically everyone in the crowd rocked to. When
Gone came around I felt like I was the only one singing in my section.
Very, very cool screen effects for that one. Next was EBTTRT, and
people were really getting into that. I think Bono said something at
the beginning, but I'm not sure. Can someone tell me? Last Night on
Earth had that weird cartoon that I've only heard until now. But it
really sounded great. Bono jumped into the crowd with his guitar.
Looking at the screen he seemed pissed off. But I'm not sure about
that. Can anyone confirm? That's another thing, the screen distracted
me a lot. I'd tend to be transfixed on it and not look at the band.
BTW, I could harder see Adam as there was a sound tower in my way. It
was also hard to make out what he was saying during the bridge. Anyone?

At Until The End Of The World I got really into it. I was jumping up
and down to the beat of it like Edge did with his guitar during Zoo TV.
The segue into New Year's Day was excellent. Everyone was into that. I
noticed they stopped using the screen during that song and subsequent
songs. Maybe a good idea. People went nuts when they heard the opening
harmonics of Pride. I know I did. I'm surprised I still have a voice
left. And I kept belting out "oh oh oh oh" at the end. Again, at
ISHFWILF it was difficult to make out what Bono was saying. Even with
earplugs. I heard something about the monster being eaten by them, and
how Toronto was good to them (I think).

It was a beautiful thing when they went into All I Want Is You. Staring
at the Sun was next and it sounded so good with just Bono and Edge at
the B-stage. Bono introduced Edge at the beginning of the song. After
that, Bono left and Edge said "we haven't done this song in awhile. We
did it (last week?) in Sarajevo." Sunday Bloody Sunday. Sounds 'nice'
acoustic, but it'd rocked if they played the full version. My friend
was at the first CNE show in 92 and they played the full version and he
said he got goose bumps. BTW, I heard during one of the songs Bono
saying something about the CNE, and Toronto again.

Bullet the Blue Sky was quite cool. Bono dancing around on stage with
his umbrella. He got everybody to clapped the beat, which was very
cool. I can honestly say that Miami wasn't missed. When Please
started, I was shocked to see that people were actually sitting down!
But I was still singing. Please! Get up off your knees. I like it. I
like it a lot! :) Streets was pure magic. I basked in the glory of
those lights. A really intense moment for me because everyone was so
into it. This night's going so fast. At the end of Streets they showed
the lights on the screen. They looked like the same thing from Love is
Blindness. Then there were angels coming and going off the screen.

Lemon was cool. That dancing transvestite was kind of in bad taste
IMO. I was surprised at how quick everything went. Because the lemon
started moving before I knew it, and just my luck. It stopped right in
from of the speaker tower! Arrrgh! The lemon opened and I could hardly
see them. Discotheque had more of a rock sound to it live. The crowd
knew it, but didn't know the words. Bono sang "that's the way uh-huh,
uh-huh I like it." twice. The lights were amazing. During IYWTVD he
pulled a girl up on stage and danced with her. WOWY, was the song
everyone knew. He continued to sing to her. Well, that's what it
seemed like. I was hoping for the "stars in summer nights" part though.

It was dark for a bit. Then the Macphisto symbol started slowly
flashing randomly over the screen. I wouldn't say this was the best
song live, it was way up there. People knew it, and some were actually
singing. My muscles and voice were really tired by now, so for the
first part of Mysterious Ways I was just watching. Then I realized what
I was doing and started moving again. Lastly, was One. Lighters all
around. It was a beautiful site. Beautiful song. What a site it was
to see so many people moving in harmony. 'We're on (Wire) but we're not
the same, we get to carry each other, carry each other, One'. They
finished up with the first verse of Wake Up Dead Man.

After that the music started playing over PA and then the house lights
came on. I sat for a couple seconds in awe. It was murder getting out
of there (a stand still for ten minutes) so we sat back in our seats
till the place had practically cleared. We wanted to walk up to the
stage to take a closer look, but the security woman wouldn't let us. :(
I looked at the souvenirs again on the way out.

On the way out I saw a Wireling, but it was raining hard, and it was
very windy, so I didn't stop him. It was around the area where you can
exit and go write into the CN tower entrance. It was a guy and I think
he was wearing a blue and white jacket (If you're reading this, get in

As we were going to back to the truck in the rain that drummer was still
there, pounding away on this 3 piece set. So, as I passed I impulsively
said "Play some U2!!". And my friend said to me "Sunday Bloody Sunday",
and wouldn't you know it. That's what he started playing!! Until I
left, then he went on to something else. Wow, you're almost to the end,
that's pretty good.

Traffic was very tight, so we waited in the truck for about half an hour
for everything to clear. Just talked about the show and U2 in general.

Ok, as for the rest of you. What were your experiences at the show?
Did any of you meet the band? Camp out at the hotel? I need to know!
IMO, it would have been nuts to wait for them in that frigid rain. But
I know some of you would do it, even if it meant pneumonia. :) Could
someone also fill me in on the Wire party. I have a feeling that was a
big part of the show for most of you.

Lastly, if anyone got a good DAT, video, or any pictures (I know you
were there Otto :) ) please get in contact with me. I'm VERY
interested in a copy. I have lots to trade. Well, for those of you
fortunate enough to be there tonight, enjoy :) Oh, BTW, on the radio
this morning I heard The Toronto Telegram gave the show a 5 star

Thanks for reading. This took me 1.5 hours to write. Oh, and the
reason I'm writing this at this hour: Strike.

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