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by Karen Yeakley

Ireland, Slane Castle, U2. What a show, and a place to see them. Set on the grounds of Slane Castle, Unforgetable Fire? Remember? Well, this hasnt been done in 20 years. Cloudy day, long road to walk to get to the concert, but hearing the people talk of their U2 past and present encounters, made the walk go by very fast. Turn around and see people, 20 deep coming into the castle grounds, as far as you can see. Incredible. Bono, seemed lifted, and exhausted in the same minute. His father had just past away, he and the band had not stopped touring since March. To stand in this crown of Irish fans, with the Irish soccer gmae going on in between sets of warm up bands, and hear the crowd break out singing "40" How long, do we sing this song?... Then to hear this crowd with the Irish soccer team winning, and then U2 coming on the stage, it was mind blowing. Some of the people I had talked to had never seen U2. All I can say about the concert from here on, it was Magic. Total magic. It was my first time out of the USA, and I stayed in Ireland for almost 2 weeks. Planned the whole trip around the concert. The worst part about the concert, was not knowing how to buy tickets when they went on sale, except later picking up a pair of way, over priced ones on E-Bay. But no matter what they cost, It was all worth it to see The Greatest Band In The WORLD.

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