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by The Fly Guy

Chicago #1 on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 was amazing.  U2 were in top form even after taking a week off between this show and the last show in Dallas.  I was a little shocked on how late U2 went on stage (around 9:15p), but as soon as The Pogues were played over the PA system, you know it was only a matter of moments.  I love when the band takes the stage with the lights on....its such a surprise for some, and this show was no different when Larry casually walked out the B-Stage and blasted into Sunday Bloody Sunday. By this show, it seems U2 has settled into set for the show, the 4 Pre-Joshua Tree songs were amazing, though I wish they would have left it at 5 songs as previous shows were, it didn't impact my love for the show.  Overall, this was an amazing show, and loved how they closed with I Will Follow.  My only negative to the show was how short the setlist was.  21 songs (although not abnormal for a U2 set on previous tours), just isn't enough.  I wish the set would have been at minimum 23-24 songs as it was on the i&e Tour.  I feel like they could have easily done this considering their large catalog of songs.  And where is the love for the recent work?  The newest song played at the show was 'Elevation' from 2001.  I feel like a NLOTH or SoI song could have been played in the Post-JT portion....these songs were very good, and need to be keep alive at shows!  Also, it would have been nice to give a nod to POP for its 20 year anniversary.  Highlights of the show (aside from the entire JT portion) had to be Ultraviolet.  This song has been one of my favorites and so happy that it is such a big part of this show to tell "Her Story".  U2 never disappoints...they just leave you thirsty for more!

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