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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Kevin Mallon

This show beat up on Madison. My tickets this time were not as good yet this show walked circles around Madison. No one could have expected "New Year's Day" and "All I Want is You". The quality of sound was better and the atmosphere around Soldier Field was perfect for a concert.

However, the Chicago fans did not seem to dig "Discotheque" as U2's encore out of the lemon. This is the time when the band had the opportunity to blow the columns off the top of the stadium but it didn't happen becuase the fans just don't like the song. But everything after that was phenomenal.

In regards, to people wondering why U2 plays more of the POP album during this tour as compared to the Zooropa album during the Zooropa Tour, POP is a much better album than Zooropa, it's that simple.

Fans should also understand that this is not a greatest hits tour nor should it be. U2 is trying to sell an album and a good one it is. Don't worry about shows not being sold out. Remember the Rattle and Hum documentary, when they showed Sun Devil Stadium sold out for "WTSHNN"? That was the first night of the Joshua Tree tour and they had to give away tickets to sell out the show. Not just hundreds, but thousands of tickets. That tour ended up doing just fine.

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