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by Wen, Fan of u2

I've seen U2 many, many times in Chicago and I have been a committed fan since I was a teen. My first show was in 1986 at the Amnesty show, but I did NOT see them the last time they were at Soldier Field in the 90's. This was NOT my favorite venue, therefore, not my favorite show by a long shot. I heard Bono say on WXRT the acoustics were the best this tour so far. Whoever gave him that information must have been directly in front of the band. I sat in section 246 (behind the Edge) and the drum, guitar and vocal echo was not only distracting the entire night (including for Snow Patrol) but it made it apper the band did not have their timing together. And I think there were a lot of duds sitting there. Sorry neighbors, you just never got into it. There was also a song or two where Bono seemed to not reach the notes he was striving for. Now, I'm sure it was the venue and my location in the venue and NOT the band, but it ruined my experience. I also never got that feeling in my chest where my body was pulsating with the music--where the song just overtakes me physically as in an indoor arena. I wonder of Bono left the ground during Streets as he says he does sometimes....
As far as the claw--it's cool, obviously massive in size and impressive. It was almost a show itself and it really distracted from the performace of the band, in my opinion. Without the screens however, I would have seen NOTHING. There were a few times each of the band members would venture around the stage, but not much. Nice to see Larry get out from behind the drums and even sing backup! Edge singing during Stuck in the back of the stadium was a highlight.
I'm sure if I were on the floor, or in a seat directly in front of the band I would have had a much better expereince. It certainly looked and sounded like the crowd there was having a blast. If I had tickets to go again tonight, I would NOT go again unless I were directly in front of the band. Just wouldn't be worth it to me.
DID I HATE THE SHOW? No, of course not. I love this band! The set list was great. BAD??? WOW!
Crazy Tonight Re-Mix=AWESOME. Loved hearing Magnificent performed live. Bono was oozing Love for Chicago and didn't soap-box too much. (I don't mind it when he does, I mind when people around me at a show boo the soap-boxing.) I did feel the first 4 songs were a bit rehersed because they don't have an emotional personality--YET. I do see that happening over time. They weren't performed badly, I would describe it as deliberate.
This band really played their hearts out, really were working hard to feed the crowd and were responsive to the crowd. I hope when they return to Chi-Town next year it's a better venue and they keep the circle. I missed the intamacy and will seek tickets to get it back. (FYI, My husband said it was the best concert he's seen EVER--and he was sitting next to me! Guess he was able to get past the echo.)

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