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by maria

I have seen a ton of shows from The Joshua Tree forward. I thought the band sounded amazing last night and Bono's energy level was off the charts. That show ranks in my top 10 shows. I am a GA goer, which means I (like all GA heart, elipse, etc) dedicate a lot of my time to each show. Last night's show was no exception. I spent 14 hours in line to see the show-and was in the inner elipse for the show. Desite how awesome the band was, the show was entirely ruined by other U2 fan goers. If you are over 6 feet tall, please be respectful of those behind you. Also, if you want to take pictures (which distracts from your show experience) with your camera or your phone, please remember there are people behind you. You are getting to watch the show, and you are lifting your arms up to take pictures-your camera blocks the person behind you. A few is fine, but the entire night is not.

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