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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Doug B

Snow Patrol was better than the average warmup band. Wow.

Took my son Ryan (13)to his 2nd tour show. He said "dad let's do the GA line this time". Well worth the wait. 8 hours in sun and heat. Security guards yell "Don't run" as you enter Soldier Field... Are you kidding? Nothing was stopping anyone. We were in the circle and on the rail. (too crowded but that's ok)

Highlights: Larry coming out first. Crazy Remix was good and very energetic. Bad was added, as Bono spoke to Edge impromptu. Edge's guitar wasn't synched righton the delay for Bad but Dallas had that fixed in 30 seconds. During Walkon, Edge's guitar failed, Dallas again was there in no time with another and had Edge plugged in by the first chord. Acrobat, Unforgettable Fire great choices for this tour!! MLK nice. Boots actually better live than on cd.. Adam only came out and around once on the outer rim. During Streets, they stayed put on main stage and it was good but not as strong compared to Streets of years past. This show was very good but could have used others like the Fly, UTTEOW, Mofo, Gone, Electric Co (Again!)and get rid of pride, sbs, stuck... even Elevation, Vertigo, WOWY felt as though they were mailed in... I love Bad and thank God they added it impromptu, but it was shorter and less powerful than usual. Larry solid and cool to see out on the circle. Adam smooth as always, but didnt see him enough. Edge a technician. Bono was working hard to satisfy Chicago. Overall great show. But didnt blow away Soldier Field. I think Bono sensed this a few times. We enjoyed this show. No major complaints. Very surreal down in the circle. Do whatever you can to get there.

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