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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Gustavo Galvan-Duque

22+ years have passed since my first (of many U2 concerts) and yet again the time had come for one more. Chicago just couldnt be a better place to see these guys again. Their latest production was again a demonstration of their ability to continue reinforcing/reinventing themselves and deliver music that matters. Arrived to Soldiers Field (with Pily my greatest companion in all senses.. and Javier/Carmen, great friends and newly U2 converts) at the end (not intentionally) of Snow Patrols set and found a crowd that was well alive and ready to rock. Saw a good amount of 10yr olders with their parents which made me think a few things: i) we and they (the band) are getting older, ii) their music is clearly being passed on to the next generations and iii) cant wait to take my kids next yearhopefully. Clearly as the first concert of the 2nd leg of the tour there was that sense of additional anxiousness nervousness in the air. Even though I had read and seen many pictures of the claw in these past few months I was pretty shocked when I saw the sonic monster or spaceship in front of mea stage difficult to describe. difficult to replicate..simply amazing. The concert started off with 4 new songs from NLOTH (I continue to believe that no line on the horizon should have kicked off before breathe) pretty brave move for a band that has such a wide repertoire. Clearly a sign of their confidence for the new material. In any case, breathe, nloth and magnificent were played brilliantly, the acoustics could not have been better. The transparency of the sound was unbelievable. The band was in form and rolling. This was just starting. Even get on your boots sounded too cool. Crowd pleasers started to flow in: beautiful day, elevation, still havent found (which made yet again the not small venue feel like a Sunday morning at church congregation). Stuck in a moment was played acoustically with Bono & Edge rendering a powerful performance. Later came my fave from last album unknown caller with the lyrics being presented on the amazing screen. Then came one of my two top songs ever (the other one being bad).. yes indeed, it was time for the unforgettable fire (not played live since 1987). After hearing this song again live after many many years, I vividly recalled their spiritual quest that conquered me the first time I ever heard them (through an imported tape early 83). Even though Bonos voice did not quite reach the highest notes within the song, it did not matter. After such a mood altering type of song; they had to regain the momentum and classically followed with city of blinding lights and a much ramped up version of vertigo. A block of crowd pleasers (Sunday, Pride, Walk on and the ever inspiring live masterpiece of Where the streets) followed after a very techno-upped (and quite honestly I much prefer the original version) Ill go crazy. Then to the encores; the first one a beautiful version of One followed by the majestic Bad with the 40 snippet on the back end. The second encore, a back to the zoo TV era- esque rendition of Ultraviolet (suit and distorted voice included and not played since 1993) was followed by a masterful rendition of With or without which somehow they made it sound fresh again. Lastly, my new one; Moment of surrender finished of a 2.15hr journey.the unforgettable fire still holds and burns..

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