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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Steve B


I went to both Chicago shows and CHI2 blew the doors off CHI1.


BD had a MONSTER outro. Bono moved from kinda nothing, chicago bla bla, to the whole Elevation tour soul, the goal is soul as the band kept cranking out the jam. That was awesome.

UTEOTW - Bono running around. Very good version, nice jam at end with the "power trio" cranking it out all tight against Larry's kit.

Your Blue Room - Done VERY well. Adma's tech brought out a music stand with light and Adam stood in front of it the whole song and did a great job. it was QUICKLY removed after song. We were first row GA on outside rail and had a PERFECT view.

Loved Bono's quote of "well we have this spaceship, but we need YOU for liftoff". He said that after BREATHE. They wanted more show Sunday and they got, and we, got it.

One also had the "do you hear us coming Lord" coda at the end, is that redundant (coda and end) :). One was almost bad the night before. They were out of time.

So really 5 different songs with One, BD, YBR, UTEOTW, and Stay being great.

I am so GLAD Pride got dropped. I hope they drop SBS as well and make it a "special appearance" song like Bad, but that is just me.

2 great shows but, Sunday was great. The bootlegs are already out there and they sound great.

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