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by Ryan & Sarah

This was our 7th U2 show & 2nd 360 show. We arrived later than planned so we figured we'd have to stand way in the back of the GA floor. Surprisingly, when we walked into the stadium, we looked for a place to stand and a security guard pointed to the inner circle & said "you guys can go in there if you want to." So we headed in & found a spot about 15-20 feet from Edge's position.

We really didn't care too much for Florence, but the machine was pretty cool. :)

U2's decision to open & play so much AB/Zooropa material was great! I did miss Magnificent. I personally would've preferred to hear that over Boots & I was kind of surprised that they didn't play it, but overall, I must say I think this was the best setlist of any U2 show I've ever been to. I knew the encore would start with either UV or HMTMKMKM and since UV was played at the last show I was really hoping for Hold Me... & that's what we got. Very pumped to see/hear it played live.

The highlight of the night was Streets. For me, it's always Streets. There aren't many songs that can bring a grown man to tears, but that one gets me every time. What a powerful song! From the snippet Bono sang that lead into Streets to the explosion of white, blinding lights - gets me every time.

So glad they made it to E. Lansing. What a great show!

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