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by Matt McGee

I had 4th row seats for this - my first U2 concert. I had seen a few shows by other bands before this one -- a couple "Yes" concerts during their tour for the 90125 album and maybe 1-2 others. I remember during the Yes shows, a lot of people in the crowd sat down for long stretches of songs. For this U2 show, as soon as the lights went down there was no sitting the rest of the night. There was a phenomenal push toward the stage -- people behind me pressing into me, forcing me into the people in front of me, etc. It was a little scary at first, then we all settled into our own spots and managed quite well. The show was amazing. They started with 11 O'Clock Tick Tock and everything was just perfect. I was very impressed with how the Unforgettable Fire songs came off in the live setting, esp. the song "The Unforgettable Fire." I remember being blown away by "Bad" -- to be so close to the stage and see the effort and emotion Bono put into singing that song. Bono had a great time bringing a girl on-stage for "Party Girl," and then Maria McKee of Lone Justice came on stage to help them finish the show with "40." A really remarkable show. Great way to start seeing U2 live!

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