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by Michael

So last week I went to see U2 in Arnhem two times. It was great, but the size of the venue was somewhat big for this tour. The stage was too low and the heart too small for a stadium. So I knew I had to see them in an arena, because afterall, this is an arena tour. So my brother and I got hold of tickets for Antwerp.
Due to circumstances we didn't arrive at the venue until around 7:30 p.m. We figured we wouldn't be very close to the stage as we were so late. To my amazement, thousands of people were still outside in the sun, enjoying a cold beer. We got inside and could walk up right to the front! We got as far as the second row. I was in heaven! We stood about half way of the catwalk, on the left side of the stage, right where they put the spotlight on Bono during New York. We were so close to the stage I almost couldn't watch the screens above me. It was easier to look at the band themselves!
Stereophonics was also really good, although the sound could have been better. A better choice than Kelis in Arnhem!
It was the first time I saw a 360-show, very strange for me to see audience behind the stage.
The show itself was very standard, no real surprises other than 'Two shots of happy'. But the band was in a very good mood and they really went for it. Bono pulled two 8(?) year olds on the stage and let them watch the show from there for a couple of songs. The crowd was very enthusiastic and it seemed to generate a spark between band and audience. The audience was very polite, never experienced anything quite like that. At second row, we still had some space/air around us, in Holland we would have been crushed. I'm at work now, not enough sleep, totally broke, but if I had the chance, I would go and see them again tonight!
They applied for the job again.... Well, in my opinion they got it. They are in fact the best band in the world!

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