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by Joost

After having seen the first and 3rd show in Arnhem this week, (which were in fact 'indoor stadium concerts': too many people and too large the scale), this concert in Antwerp was a real treat! The 'sportpaleis' was almost cosy compared to the giant Gelredome, and U2 were throwing a little party here! The sound quality was relatively good and the belgium audience is almost as noisy and enthousiastic as the dutch....

The 'woohoo'- opening of Elevation worked brilliantly again and managed to send shivers down my spine! It's a little disappointing that the setlist doesn't know much variation and that this 'Greatest Hits'-tour soon becomes a bit predictable, but boy, was I having a good time though! There is a lot of passion and spirit in the performance and the feeling of having been there leaves you smiling for days!

During NewYearsDay Bono picked two little girls (about 6 or 7 years old) from the audience, and let them watch the concert on stage for a few songs, sitting next to the band. He later walks round the heart with them, before handing them back to their parents.

'I will follow' gets longer and longer everytime it is played, with bono adding new lyrics and edge playing on his originally used guitar.
U2 are really enjoying themselves tonight and it's great to see them play 'desire' in the middle of the arena, with larry on one drum only. As close to them as tonight you couldn't get in arnhem.

When Bono responded to the request for 'two shots of happy, one shot of sad' he proved that it is possible to improvise. I only wish they did improvise and change songs more often. In my opinion, that's wat 'back to basics' should be all about! Having the freedom of playing more different songs or experiment with new arrangements, as they do so absolutely brilliant with the new version of 'the Fly'!
Please U2-management, if you read this: this live version of 'the fly' deserves to be put on a future B-side !! What a great wall of sound! I have never before heard U2 play such a powerful, sonic version, its fabulous!
With a wonderful 'Walk on' (the Hallelujah brings tears to your eyes..) another show ends. Afterwards I see the Limousines of the guys following the police-car: U2 have left the building....

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