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by Jasbuddy

This was my first time seeing U2 live, a dream of mine since I was 16 and my parents made me throw away Zooropa (that heathen music!--little did they know about Bono and what he believes).
I agree with other comments about the audience--I saw Dave Matthews Band in Tampa as well, both then and last night the audience was frustrating to me. As a guitarist I deeply admire the Edge, a masterful musician. I've been appreciating Bono's challenge to the world to rise up and be a part of a bigger story, to make a difference in life. He also challenges us to think about our beliefs--at the end of "Still haven't Found" he added lines something like: "In a little while I'll be going home/Where the night fades away and daylight has no end/In a little while I'll be there/will you be there too?"
It blew my mind when he hugged that girl all the way through "with or Without You." I wonder what was going through her head that whole time. The intensity of emotion in "Sometimes You Can't make it on your own" made me also choke up. And, the ending with outright worship of God with Yahweh and Psalm 40 was what I earnestly hoped they would do, just like Red Rocks '83. I wish every church service was like that. I just wish the audience had been more into it. (Bunch of teenagers going "Oh my gosh, he's so awesome!")
I really respect this band and Bono's transparency and the music itself makes them one of my favorite bands. I think all of us should think about the things Bono reminds us of and calls us to in his music and his words. Read the interview Rolling Stone did with him a few weeks ago--it's online at RS' site.

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