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by amkay

I've attended more than a dozen U2 concerts over the last 15 years and never lose the excitment I feel when I'm driving to the next. With that said, this show was one of the band's best performances I've seen in a while - Bono's vocals were stellar and the band sounded amazing. The setlist was great - a little bit of this and that. Still Haven't Found was perfect as was SBS. We always have our favories we wish they'd play - but I loved every minute of what they offered.

HOWEVER - the audience was so disappointing! U2 can carry themselves - that's a clear given! But they feed off the energy of the crowd as well. I attended the 1st Miami show on this leg and I have to say - the audience there put Tampa to shame -- 100 times over! So many people around us simply clapped like they were attending a seminar and stayed in their seats. Come on!! This is U2 - the best live band in existence!

My thoughts are - as hard as these tickets can be to get and as many die hard U2 fans are out there - leave us the seats and we'll continue to show U2 our undying appreciation and devotion while you attend the next tax seminar.

Thanks guys for another amazing performance - you're absolutely brilliant!!!

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