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by jralex

3 days prior to the show i never would have guessed i would have tickets...not only that but be touching the ellipse...standing in line for 8 hours in november in florida seems nice but it was HOT!

getting GA tickets 3 days before the show probably wasnt the best idea...as they failed to show up the day of the concert...so i spent the 2 prior days stressing out...how i got scammed on ebay...well things turned out perfectly showing up at 12 and getting in the GA line at 224 and 225...the GA experience in tampa was completely unorganized and messed up compared to the way boston handled GA when i went on may 24th

after getting inside we got a nice lil spot on the railing at the tip of the elipse on the edges side...after standing around for another hour and a half institute came on and WOW! what a show gavin rossdale put on...the funny part was there was a chick behind me who was leaving right after institute got done and everyones like 'your not staying for U2?..what are you nuts?' and indeed she was...institute played 3 bush songs but i only recognized 2...everything zen and machine head...but was a really great opening act

that ended and guess what more waiting...finally wake up from the arcade fire started playing and it was finally U2 time! after the lights went out you could see the edge playing with the strings for the opening of city of blinding lights and just like that the most emotional moment of the whole show hits you like a ton of bricks...as the lights are blarring and the beautiful intro to the song as confetti falls from the ceiling its like the modern day 'streets' its kind of hard to follow up to that kind of opening but they always find a way to make you go wow this is amazing

the funny part was noticing the 2 security guards in front of me singing during mysterious ways and then later on in with or without you

from the previous reviews a lot of people said that the crowd was dull but from where i was i couldnt hear myself think in between songs...and i would look up and see people going nuts even in the nosebleeds so it kind of caught me by surprise to hear people go the crowd was weak...even tho i will admit at the end of 40 it just seemed like U2 ran off the stage and turned the lights on...but i cant blame them no one was singing the 'how long to sing this song' the whole point of singing that is like telling U2 'how long do i have to repeat singing this line before you get your asses out and play another song damnit...that was really weak

the little interesting things i noticed in tonights show: who was playing the piano during original of the species? did anyone notice that adam clayton was playing the guitar and the edge was on bass for 40?

awesome show

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