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by Alex

It took me a day to gather my thoughts......the first time I saw U2 was in 1982, in Tampa. I heard I Will Follow, and I have been, for 23 years. I have even lost count of how many shows I have seen.
Tonight the band was ON. Awesome sound, Bono's voice better than I have heard in a long time! We were in section 129, next to the stage on Adam's side. All night Adam had a huge grin on his face! Larry even looked to be having a good time when he came out to visit!
Yes, I did notice someone on keyboards during Original of the Species, on Edge's side of the stage.....don't know who that was. And yes, I also noticed Adam and Edge changing instruments on 40! Interesting!
The comments about the audiance seem right on to me. Several times I looked over and noticed almost the entire section next to me SITTING DOWN! Not just a few people, but most of the section! What the heck?!?! And the totally annoying guys down the row from me who must have left their seats five or more times for a beer run?!?! I agree, these tickets are so hard to come by, please take advantage of the luck you had in getting to the show, and watch it!
Musically the highlight for me was Miss Sarajevo, just beautiful. And Sunday Bloody Sunday, actually gave me chills. Musical let down......no songs from Boy!!! I had been looking forward to hearing some of the older stuff.
All in all, amazing, spiritual, and moving. Just your usual night with U2! :)

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