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by Livia

This was the fourth time I saw U2 live...but absolutely was the best!! Although stage was poorer than in previous tours, u2's passion was heavily in the air, and the 70000 could breathe it perfectly
I just want to add a thing that anyone said in their reviews: during the show, Bono sang "...our spirits will never grow old, never grow old.." and I found this so true!
And the he sang "...the wonder of coming to a stadium and finding out that the night there takes a different look...you lift us up!" (more or less, I can't remember the words exactly!) YOU LIFT US UP, you have the power to turn on the emotions of 70000 people , make their hearts beat and theireyes shine...thanks U2, for in the last 10 yrs you were my companions...
And I want to thank Dona '69, for her/ his review is very good and well describes the feelings that we had!!


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