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by noodles

hello...i'm from rome i'm 29 years old and i love u2 since i was 12...this was my first concert of u2 in my life...now i cant'remember so well the concert and all the moments,i only remember that the night before i culdn't sleep for emotion,you can immagine my u2's' fist concert...i went to the stadium at 9 in the morning we enter at 16 maybe...well i remember bono dancing before zoo station,the cross turning in the nazi simbol before bullet the blue sky...bono phoned to andreotti but he couldn't reach him...remember also bono asking us if we were fan of roma or lazio...i'm sorry i cant'remember very well all,but in my heart in my eyes i will never forget u2 singing for me that night for the first time...ciao!!!!god bless you

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