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by Alessandro

It was my first U2 concert, I'll never forget that night!
I remember thousands and thousands of U2 fan all around the stadium...I was there from 7 am , I couldn't believe how affectionate fans are Italian people!
After the afternoon trying to identify the songs from the soundcheck sounds they let us in.
It was the fastest foot-race...but I was nearly in front line and was amazed by the cyber-dark-gothical architecture of the stage! Much more impressive than the Popmart arch...in my opinion!
The pre-show was really great...with teathral group and great performances by Pearl Jam and An Emotional Fish. People were thinking of U2 all the time and didn't give much attention to PJ.... so Eddie Vedder started singing a bit of "I will follow" in a sort of moking-ironic style.... that was the times in which he hated the big stadiums..so I understand him.
Then darkness fell on us....and lights in the big screens flashed to our faces!
Bono said goodbay to the city "Verona...vorrei vivere qui!" ....
One thing which stucked me was how much sweat came out of his leather jacket....I was just in the distance where I could get a shower from water coming out of Bono....they really rock hard!
Then the other thing which made the concert epic was the continuos lightening of a nearby storm....beautiful to see those huge ZOO TV screen-towers , the lights and the natural show of the lightening! Very impressive.....

I was in a dream-state for the next few days... and still I am!Thanks U2

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