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by Toni-Lea Cheesman

Since hearing of the tour, what better 40th birthday present could I have wished for? Opting for the higher-end priced seat tkts (85 per head), purchased within seconds of tkts available for sale, together with travel and hotel we spent over 400 for this one event on 14th Aug. (Irrelevant as this was to be the show of a lifetime).

Having arrived we found ourselves to the back of the stage. The visuals of the 360 were brilliant, although the sound rebounded around Wembley, this still did not detract from the concert (for me), one iota.

However, I found myself starring at the backs of my idols who were putting on an undeniably brilliant show to those in the front. I could only but dream of the exhilleration that the audience here were experiencing, whilst I was left feeling detached out on the sidelines. I felt as if I had been invited to the most excellent party but asked to sit in the corner. I cried through 3-songs after a great wave of disappointment washed over me. This was it. Little mercy was shown when we were treated like expectant puppies as the band momentarily showed us their faces.

After, I shared the tube with other fans as unfortunate as myself to be positioned at the back. The atmosphere on the tube was very subdued, there was no high buzz that I had experienced on previous occasions. I feel totally let down, but by whom: Ticket provider for selling us poorer than poor seat position at premium prices, the stage designers for not have a revolving 360 stage, or U2 (my absolute idols) for not playing to the "whole" audience?

I have to let go of these negativities which have left such a bitter taste in my mouth. Highly disappointed. Booooo

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