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by diane m

well, LA got taken to church last night, people! i wish new superlatives could be invented to adequately describe this experience. i don't understand how it is possible that each show can be better than the previous.
tuesday's show was fantastic, a more light-hearted, playful fiesta to celebrate Larry. i left in awe, knowing i'd seen the best show ever. but wednesday's show reached an even higher plane. the music was more soulful, emotional, impassioned, joyful- maybe responding to the fans' participation? there was a lot of call and response with the audience. plus the band makes it look so easy. they're playing even tighter AND looser than at the beginning of the tour (right B? 4/5 review-ha!). it seems like they're freer, actually enjoying themselves and delighted to be up there playing for us.
some moments: City, the most beautiful opening ever, Bono, in great, warm voice, twice hitting the high "re-he-he-heach me" of BD, Bono rambling about his auntie and her "random humming" (!?!), getting a good, looong, close look at Larry's arms *sigh* as he bashed on LAPOE and later, Adam's *sigh again* walk-by (oops, sorry, how'd that slip out?), Mr. The Edge's psycho-delic solo during Bullet, the very sustained, jaw-dropping second "l'amore" in Miss Sarajevo (i was ecstatic to get to hear this gorgeous song live), Bono basking in the red glow and the fans' love at the end of Streets -was this where we all realized that we were living something truly special?- Bono with a train conductor's (?) jacket and cap on for the last 2 songs, a stompin All B/c of You, and then, incredulously hearing the first note of...wait...Hot Dam! BAD!! the whole world goes ape! here is where mere words will not suffice... this-is-only-the-greatest-ever-version-ever. it ends the show on such a high, wish it could go on and on forever. and it must have been a "good" show b/c Larry smiled and laughed as he walked off...
all i can say is thank you u2 for giving us the best times, for not being complacent, for surpassing yourselves over and over again. you make me want to run away and join the circus... see you in NYC and if you play Mofo, UF, or Crumbs (oooh please!) you'll top even this!

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