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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by pollywood

The last U2 concert I saw was at Dodger Stadium for the Zoo TV tour. I was in the highest section of the stadium above home plate. It was my very first concert, and it was absolutely unforgettable! Even though I might have watched from about a quarter mile away (and seen most of the show while watching one of the 32 screens around the stage), I will never forget it.
Wednesday I saw U2 from the other extreme. I waited in line starting at about 1:30 am late tuesday/early wednesday morning. I got the opportunity to see the show with a friend of mine, and an unbelievable U2 fan (shout out to Laura- queen of the empire). We were about the 5th or 6th to enter staples and she scanned us in to the elusive elipse. Standing front row center I got to see the show like nothing I could imagine. The band started up on fire! Bono was putting everything in to every song. He fogged his glasses so bad he ended up taking them off.
After "Sunday Bloody Sunday" I was, I must say, proud to be in the crowd that night. The house was shaking with noise. Even Bono stopped in his tracks while making his way around the elipse to recognize the insanity of the crowd. "Wow" and "That was crazy!" poured out of him. For one of the only times I have ever witnessed, the band was just as impressed with the crowd as the crowd was with the band. Thanks to the band for a fantastic show, consistently incredible music, and a night to top all others for me!

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