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by mother exit

wow. what a treat. seeing U2 two nights in a row, and this is only my third show ever! after completely blowing out my vocal chords the night before when Exit got pulled on stage to play, it was a strange experience to be at a concert and not be able to shout or sing along. but, it also enabled me to listen better and enjoy the entire ambiance of the staging, lighting and sound. the sound seemed better on the second night, i was a couple sections to the left of the sound board in the 100 level, and i thought it was clearer than nov. 1st when i was just to the right. i could hear all of what bono was saying clearly. the crowd seemed more subdued in this section, not singing as loudly this night - with the exception of the 4 guys in front of me who enjoyed their beer as much as U2. the entire arena, however, was ready to party early and was LOUD. a saturday night in the middle of the week, indeed!

i love the fact that U2 changes the set list and you never know which one you will get. highlights for me were hearing MLK, wild horses (and made more fun as edge popped strings on his guitar) and ending the night with BAD! and i can't help but mention that streets was ten times better than the night before, if that's possible. bono noticed, saying wow, wow, wow afterwards at the crowd noise. edge seemed to get his voice back and sang more.

all my wishes were granted with the exception of original or crumbs. just a slight disappointed feeling when they went directly from ABOY into Bad, since i knew it would be over. i was hoping for one more song. they ended so much earlier than the previous night and it seemed cut short. bono cut back on his speeches throughout the evening and did not repeat the edge is from the future story, which is delightful. the entire show seemed edited somewhat, or it was just my impression. i enjoyed every minute and look forward to next tour, whenever that will be. if i am lucky enough to score a ticket, that is.

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