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by Jen Hutton

I must admit that I was very nervous about U2's return to Los Angeles after all the strife that has been going on. Especially after seeing them a few times of the first leg and being nothing but in complete awe. The experience started at 9am in the g.a. line which was very orderely until around 5pm when we had a few line cutters, all I can say is that those girls will have some bad karma coming their way. I got my spot in the heart, but felt badly for those that had waited in line and were shut out.

No Doubt was very strong, did the drummer really need to take off his sarong to reveal a jeweled g-string?!

That "moment" finally arrived when Sgt. Pepper was blaring over the P.A., and there they were, the boys ripped into the strongest opening of Elevation I have heard. Particularly moving was Bono looking upwards saying he beleived in Him, did He believe in Bono....Goose bumps down my spine.

There were so many precious moments like that last night that are still images in my mind that I am trying to sort out. Or maybe I won't try to sort it out, just let it be.

I have read things about Bono's voice being shot and tired. I didn't even hear one note last night that would make this thought cross my mind. There have also been complaints that Bono has been preachy since Sept. 11. To those people I say that never more so than now do we need to hear the words that Bono and his counterparts are saying. If you just want to go to a concert and not be moved, not feel something from the inner most part of your soul and complain about the setlist, stay home and give your ticket to a true fan.

Thanks to U2 for an incredible experience. In a world that is marred by so much saddness and tragedy, it was so wonderful to be taken to a place last night where there is endless hope and that these terrible moments will pass us by.

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