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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by scrittoresabino

Well I almost got a chance to get inside the heart for this show but ended up outside. I was near the tip around 4 rows back. It was a prime spot as i saw everything and was still very close. We were packed tight like sardines. No Doubt was a great fun start. I told myself I would conserve energy for U2 but No Doubt was just way too infectious to hold back. Great way to really get you going B4 U2. Too bad the crwod wastn very into, although thye recieved a MUCH better reception than PJ Harvey, who I also enjoyed. The lack of audience recption for PJ was enough to sqwelch the energy of even a devoted Pj fan. Come on U2 fans, give opening acts more of a chance and at least give them the respect of your attention that they deserve, esp considering that U2 themselves pick them. NEways the concert was so different from April's concert at the Pond. Both were amazing,cant decide which was the best. In April my favs and higlights were the songs I was sure I would here and thought they might abandon, like the FLY, Gone, Ground Beneath her Feet, and Stay... all performed magnificently (except Stay, I'd rather here a plugged full band version) also Rockers like Until The End of The World and Mysterious Ways really got me going. Monday's concert was a totally different experence. This concert was all spirit and soul. Was it predictable... YES AND NO. I knew every song they would play and the exact order they would play them in. But this is because I read about it. Would it be predictable if the internet didn't exist and there wasnt an easy quick medium for fans to connect and share the events with one another? Slightly, I mean they did play their hits. Did it feel scripted, come across as routine, or going through the motions, or just playing it cuz its what people want??? NOT one single second did. April's show was without a Doubt much more spontaneous, and eclectic in the mix. Nov's setlist is much more cohesive and works together as a whole making it far more than the sum of its parts. This show has a strong thematic glue holding everything together and has better buildup and flow. April's shows had the excitement and energy of newness and unpredictablility. The band played every song with such energy, intensity, commitment and passion that it made me totally forget what songs I wanted to hear and my complaints about the oldersongs like New Year's Day. That song, for the first time ever live, became a highlight instead of, "can't they drop this slow moaner already". Other highlights were PLEASE, which I thought was perfect acoustic, even though I bitched about it not being electric full band when reading these borad prior to my concert. What's Going On, pure beauty, alot of soul in that song, replacing waht was missing by dropping "In a Lttle While". Kite, just sonically mindblowing, and Out of Control. Too many highlights actually, just greatness!!! I am still high and fricken tired

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